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Chairman’s Welcome

The new Chairperson of TPWA Wally Edwards welcomes members old and new.

Wally was elected as Chairperson of TPWA unopposed at the TPWA AGM in October 2015.

Other key role committee members include past chair Mark Horwood, secretary Harry Eslick from truffle and Wine, Treasurer is John Crabtree from Hazel Oak Farm in Yornup. Thanks to these people for accepting executive positions.

Other committee members include Anne Mitchell and Dave Pottinger who have remained for another term and we welcome Sue Barnett and Gavin Booth as new committee members.

TPWA thanks Rose Yeoman, Mel Booth and Paul Robinson who have stepped down after two years.

2015/16 will be an exciting year for TPWA with a very dynamic committee, the Pests and Diseases project, application for other funding and a very balanced committee.




Welcome all Truffle Producers to the first member newsletter of the newly incorporated Association of Truffle Producers, Western Australia. We were gratified to see that nearly all producers have submitted their applications to join and it should be noted that only WA-based producers are eligible to do so.

HorwoodThe application for the Incorporation of the Association was lodged on May 16th and Truffle Producers Western Australia Inc was officially incorporated on May 23rd 2014.

We can now process the membership applications from those who have completed the forms and sent them to me. If you have received this and not yet committed to join the Association, please do so now.

At the meeting at the Manjimup Town Hall in May, I showed that collectively we will spend about $15 million on sales and marketing annually once we all reach full production and net about $13,850,000 every year – so we should ask ourselves how much should we invest to protect that investment?  This is a subject for further discussion and it is also an insurance matter.

The next date of the AGM has been deferred from the original one proposed. Please mark your diaries for the AGM to be on Saturday October 25th at 1.00pm in Manjimup.

The subcommittee dealing with Brand, Marketing and Sales has sent out a questionnaire to all of us seeking our input. There are no magic answers so we need everyone to respond to the questionnaire with your carefully considered responses. At this stage, less than 50 per cent of members have responded. I urge you to be proactive, respond and offer your opinions – otherwise we cannot gauge what it is you all hope to achieve.

My thanks go to all those who are on the Committee and the sub-committees without whose work, we could not achieve anything. We really need every one doing something in order to avoid the costs of employing salaried staff, so if you have yet to commit to be part of this very exciting group of committed people in what may be best described as the most exciting industry on the planet – phone me now.

I am trying to keep admin costs down to zero and we need a treasurer as a matter of urgency so please put up your hand if you have any basic bookkeeping skills. If no-one volunteers, we will pay a professional bookkeeper.

Here is to the best ever truffle season!

Mark Horwood
Interim Chairperson

M: 0418 921044


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